abdulazizissa I am a filmmaker and a music composer. I have been playing music since the age of 14. I focused on the Oud instrument and won in Studio El Fan in Lebanon – a program showcasing young talent of music. I hold a Bachelor of Science from Empire State College and a certification of elementary music education from the Royal Conservatory of Music.

My passion and interests have always been to spread the sense of music to children in general, and children with special needs in particular. I have been professionally practicing music for almost 30 years and teaching it since 2001. I started my journey in Lebanon where I worked with displaced children hoping to relieve their minds from the hardships their families were going through. My passion and interests grow every time I see children express themselves through music firsthand. I continued to become a music teacher for children of different ages ranging from kindergarten to grade 5.

My occupational plans and long-term goals are to elevate my role as a teacher, coach and mentor of music. I want to continue my journey of having children find means of expressing themselves through music.